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Stephen Powers: In Conscious Company Ep.11

Social Entrepreneur and CEO of Bodhi Tree Online: on identifying our true intention in our work, and how to reconcile making money with doing service.
27 min

Tony Leroy: In Conscious Company Ep. 10

Intuitive counselor, discusses how to recognize when we get in our way and tips to use our thoughts to create a happier reality.
25 min

Mark Coleman: Silence the Negative Inner Critic

Patricia Karpas interviews Mark Coleman, top mindfulness teacher and author of Make Peace with Your Mind.
29 min

Danielle Laporte: In Conscious Company Ep. 9

Best-selling author, speaker, spiritual feminist activist, talks about the reality of 21st century spirituality, the paradoxes that are at the root of truly finding our spiritual path, and the bottom line that WE are really our own best gurus.
26 min

You ARE the Change. You are the ONE! with MC Sweet

Advocacy and being responsible for the world we live in are major themes in MC’s life as a business owner, yoga teacher and mother.
59 min

Yogi Cameron: In Conscious Company Ep. 8

Ayurvedic Guru - discusses the importance of the ancient Vedic principles and how his new book, The Yogi Code, teaches us to incorporate them into our daily lives.
30 min

Rebecca Dreyfus: In Conscious Company Ep. 7

Creator and Executive Producer of “On Meditation”: Discusses her personal journey while making the film and her hope for the future of conscious media.
31 min

MJ Ryan: Change Your Habits for Good

Patricia Karpas interviews best selling author and change expert M.J. Ryan who shares how to mindfully realize your goals.
29 min

Tommy Rosen: Yoga and Meditation for Addiction

Patricia Karpas interviews Tommy Rosen, the founder of Recovery 2.0, an organization that helps people thrive in recovery from addiction.
29 min

Evoking Sacred Sexuality with Lara Catone

In this interview Lara shares her personal journey towards wholeness - which has weaved together the threads of spirituality, sexuality, and social activism for women's rights.
63 min

Elisha Goldstein: Your Meditation Questions Answered

Patricia Karpas interviews Elisha Goldstein on the most frequently asked questions about meditation. Learn how to commit to a meditation practice, to make big life changes, to find a teacher or mentor and how to find your ground again when in crisis.
25 min

Richard Miller: Yoga Nidra Heals Trauma

Richard is the founder of the i Rest Program, which uses Yoga Nidra as a transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry, and is currently in VA hospitals, military bases, hospitals, hospice and schools.
29 min

Subliminal Satire with JP Sears

In this episode, WIMG talks with JP Sears also known as Te Ultra Spiritualist in his extremely popular You Tube Videos that have garnered over 100M views.
39 min

Kristen Neff: Meditation and Self-Compassion

Patricia Karpas interviews Kristin Neff, the author of Self Compassion, The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself and a pioneer in this field.
28 min

Ashley Turner: Your Love Questions Answered

Patricia Karpas interviews Ashley Turner, a meditation and yoga teacher and a psychotherapist. She answers our biggest love questions.
30 min

Living with Intent with Mallika Chopra

Living with intention does not always mean you are creating and manifesting externally.
38 min

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