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Doris’s mind is slipping... She is not only haunted by the death of her beloved husband James, but she is also struggling with the re-emergence of Ruth – Doris’s sinister alter-ego.
16 m


Faking It

Hacking into the brain’s chemistry through simulating one our most human qualities - laughter.
11 m


The Stacks

A psychological drama that follows a grief-stricken young woman as she struggles to cope with the suicide of her boyfriend.
13 m



Sabrina is a young dressmaker who lives in her messy house, surrounded by mannequins, fabrics and old furniture.
11 m


Feats of Modest Valour

Tom, Brian and Milena live clockwork existences, dictated by a strict regime of medication and the challenging physical reality of living with Parkinson's.
20 m


In the Blink of An Eye

Professional snowboarder, Don Schwartz discovers, 25 years after a fatal helicopter crash, that he suffers from PTSD. His psychological demons are exposed and his recovery journey is followed to the final test when he attempts to learn to fly his own helicopter.
17 m


I’m In

Have you ever wondered what goes on in someone else’s head when they’re alone? Do you ever wonder if others think the same way you do?
13 m


Kundalini Meditation with Amir Jaan

A three part Kundalini Yoga Collection with Amir Jaan offers a comprehensive practice to help reduce the impact of stress and fatigue on the body by focusing on the immune response system.
3 m


Yoga Nidra with Mary Bruce

In practice you will discover that Yoga Nidra is beyond a technique, it is a state of consciousness. It is a pristine state where you can rest in an effortless state of being.
35 m


Pelvic Floor Health with Leslie Howard

Known as "The Pelvic Floor Lady" Leslie Howard talks about what every woman should know regarding the health of her body and how it relates to Yoga.
31 m


Tantric Meditation with Lauren Toolin

Yoga and Meditation teacher Lauren Toolin talks with Tracee Stanley about her journey to meditation and how a Tantric meditation practice can be useful for turbulent times.
23 m


Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight

Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for.


16: Moments

A celebration of life, this short film was was inspired by David Eagleman's book, "Sum."


Yoga Revealed – Seane Corn

Activist, yoga teacher and selfless leader, Seane Corne has become one of the leading voices in the yoga community.
59 m


“Hump Day”

Wednesday, “Hump Day,” as we knew it in college called for indulging in a drink, a whole TV show (!), a bitch session, or something to ease the intensity of a week of seemingly endless classes, papers and reading.


Full Body Chair Workout

Get a full body stretch and strengthening workout without getting out of your seat.
9 m