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Puffin Patrol

Puffin Patrol explores the life of puffins from eastern Newfoundland, to remote locations in Maine and Wales.

50 m


Ram Bam Thank You Mam

Through extreme conditions four gutsy Australian girls attempt to smash a 20 year record and win a non-stop endurance race, the Race Across America. The RAAM is a torturous 5,000 km race from coast to coast comparable in distance to the Tour de France.

44 m


What is Your Purpose in Life?

SoulPancake brought in people ages 0-100 to answer some of life’s big questions.


Peak Phosphorus

Modern agriculture is dependent on phosphorus derived from phosphate rock, which is a non-renewable resource.

3 m


A Stunning Small Home Made From Hemp

Hemp is a building material like no other.


Understanding Yourself & The World

This division between the individual and society does not really exist at all. When one tries to carve out a life of one’s own, the individual is not different from the community in which he lives.

4 m


Surprising Ways In Which Breakfast Benefits Your Health

We have been fighting to keep our planet healthy.



Dr. Brown will illustrate the importance of nature conservation for a bright and prosperous future.


Tim Ferriss: Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals

The hard choices -- what we most fear doing, asking, saying -- are very often exactly what we need to do.



Real Balinese healers continue to use the ancient knowledge of their ancestors to treat people without expecting anything in return.


Beginner’s Guide to Crow with Mandy Roberts

Crow or Bakasana is a challenging and fun little pose. In this short and sweet video Mandy breaks down the basic fundamentals of learning how to fly on your mat.

7 m


Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy with Paul Grilley

Pranamaya interviews Paul Grilley, the leading Yin Yoga innovator and teacher. Paul has trained thousands of students and has created the preeminent Yin Yoga video.

36 m


Pelvic Floor Health with Leslie Howard

Known as "The Pelvic Floor Lady" Leslie Howard talks about what every woman should know regarding the health of her body and how it relates to Yoga.

31 m


Tantric Meditation with Lauren Toolin

Yoga and Meditation teacher Lauren Toolin talks with Tracee Stanley about her journey to meditation and how a Tantric meditation practice can be useful for turbulent times.

23 m


Tony Leroy: In Conscious Company Ep. 10

Intuitive counselor, discusses how to recognize when we get in our way and tips to use our thoughts to create a happier reality.

25 m


Danielle Laporte: In Conscious Company Ep. 9

Best-selling author, speaker, spiritual feminist activist, talks about the reality of 21st century spirituality, the paradoxes that are at the root of truly finding our spiritual path, and the bottom line that WE are really our own best gurus.

26 m