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One of the last Australian films shot on super 35 mm film,  “The Telegram Man” focuses on the experience of a close-knit farming community living in a small Australian country town during World War II. The film puts a relationship between two men under the microscope: a postman, well liked by the townsfolk before the War, but shunned during the War when he has to deliver unpleasant news, and a simple farmer, whose two sons went to the battlefield.

The film explores the human cost of war at the home front, those who wait for news at home, how their lives and relationships can be utterly devastated by a war that’s taking place far away, hundred, if not thousand of miles away.

James Francis Khehtie – Director (AUS)

“The Telegram Man was four years in the making from securing the film rights to raising the finance to gaining the interest of the film’s three screen icons. I decided very early on to shift the point of view from those receiving messages in the original short story to the man delivering them, putting him and his painful job under the microscope. No other film had dealt with war in this way, and it is a story that is timely even to this day.”

“As a filmmaker, it is the greatest joy to learn that the film, in which you poured years of blood, sweat and tears to make, resonates well and strikes a chord with audiences.”

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