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Set in Seville, Spain, this short film follows a day in the life of flamenco guitarist Juan Ramírez. Through his eyes, we experience Soleá—the mother of flamenco—and Juan’s unusual journey to master his craft.

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Comments (4)

  • Sage .May 11, 2016.Reply

    What a wonderful, moving film. Such feeling and artistry in both the subject and the filmmaking.

  • Trina .June 18, 2016.Reply

    Wow. I greatly admire this artist for his commitment – and his talent. Can’t wait to visit Seville!

  • Lorraine Hess .June 20, 2016.Reply

    Be prepared to go on a journey into the passionate and soulful universe of Flamenco. A little gem of a film, beautifully conceived!

  • Mike Dunn .June 20, 2016.Reply

    Beautiful music. Amazing passion

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