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Russia: The Cradle of Shamanism


26 min

Shamanism is a system of ritual thoughts, a social regulator, and a set of therapeutic techniques. It is the oldest of medicines. Bernard meets one of the most well known Shamans but also one of the youngest in Tuva. 22-year-old Buyan is the heir of age-old traditions but also embodies a modernised form of shamanism. Between the capital Kyzyl and the endless landscapes of the Steppe, Bernard explores the revival of shamanism, in the very land it was born.

The Tyva Republic of Russia is located deep in the original cradle of Shamanism, in the south of Eastern Siberia. The practice, which dates back to Neolithic times, has undergone a remarkable revival since the fall of the USSR.

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It's great to see holistic healing alive and well. Such a well done series this is. Very classy.


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