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Refugee Stories: “It’s Like a Film but if You Die You Won’t Come Back”

Conscious Good

5 min

Refugee Stories: “It’s Like a Film but if You Die You Won’t Come Back”

Nigerian-born Inua Ellams, a London-based writer, created the story ‘Dolphins’ as part of THE REFUGEE STORIES, works about the journeys of refugees and migrants seeking safety in Britain. Ellams worked with children who have made treacherous journeys across desert and sea, and wrote the stories based on their experiences. In this video, Ellams reads extracts from ‘Dolphins’ and speaks about his collaboration with the children and his own background as a migrant.

Shanshan Chen – Director (China)

Shanshan Chen is a multimedia producer with the London-based Thomson Reuters Foundation (the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters,) and cover under-reported stories in the forms of documentary and photography. She has worked on topics including women’s rights, LGBTI rights, mental health and refugee crises. Before joining the Foundation, Chen studied documentary filmmaking and broadcast journalism in London and Shanghai.

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Comments (2)

  • Varun Pratap Singh .August 19, 2016.Reply

    Very Nice Short Film.

  • Akash Pandey .August 23, 2016.Reply

    Write from the title “It’s Like a Film but if You Die You Won’t Come Back” and the story line, I mean the fact which this movie shows is quite interesting and in a way it is truth. I am voting for this movie. BEST LUCK!!

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