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When Laura was 5 years old, her father moved out of the home and into a trailer in the backyard. He never told his family why. In 1965, David and Leslie embodied the idea of America’s sweethearts: a young Marine and a Broadway-bound dancer separated by wartime; an unprecedented reunion covered by newspapers across the country; an eventual marriage after a decade apart. After having two children together, David would leave the family home to live in a trailer in the backyard, isolating himself for 10 years. At 26, Laura delves back into his unusual life to unfold the secret behind his leave-takings, in an unsentimental, unvarnished family mystery.

Made in the memory of her father and the journey he endured, director Laura Snow says she wanted to make a film that could serve as a more nuanced representation of veterans living with post-traumatic stress, and explore how this affects the lives of those closest to them, their spouses and children. After its DOC NYC premiere this past November 2016, veteran Harold Dawley wrote to Laura, “Yours is the most moving film I have ever seen about PTSD and the Vietnam veterans who experience it. It is is simply breathtaking and needs to be more widely available to other veterans with PTSD and people in general.”

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  • Cheryl Gaudreault .July 31, 2017.Reply

    There seems to be something amiss…for some reason films are not streaming…I’m trying to watch all those nominated. Thank you.

  • Sage .August 8, 2017.Reply

    Incredibly powerful story. Trauma is just as damaging on the mind, as it is on the body. Encouraging that awareness is growing about the power and also fragility of our psyche.

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