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“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

— Buddha


In the 1970s, science and a few forward-thinkers began to embrace the idea that the food we put into our bodies had a tremendous impact on our overall health. Health food stores opened and the motto, “You are what you eat,” was introduced.

In 1980 the first Whole Foods store was opened in Austin by a few pioneers who saw the opportunity to get healthy food to the masses through the already popular supermarket format. Today, there are hundreds of Whole Food stores across the globe, and the clever notion that “you are what you eat” has become a widely-accepted, scientifically-supported fact.

Thousands of years ago Buddha said “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Now, scientists the globe over have confirmed the Buddha’s declaration. Your thoughts – and observing your thoughts – can change the grey matter of your brain. Meditation is no longer just for Lamas and yogis, but for Wall Street business men and women, athletes and schoolchildren.

Now, think for a minute about what you watch or listen to. Wouldn’t it follow that the media you consume holds the same power. In fact, researchers have drawn that link. From a recent article in Psychology Today, “It turns out that what you watch, read, listen to and play can affect your mood, temper, and even how generous and kind you are to others afterwards!”

Perhaps the time has come for the motto “You are what you watch.”

What we watch, read or listen to can help elevate us, to keep us connected to each other and to our highest selves. On the other hand, sensationalistic media can debase others and ourselves, build barriers and stifle our vision and growth.

So the next time you are channel surfing or deciding which film to see, ask yourself, “Will watching this program hug or crush my soul?” And just maybe, you’ll start making a conscious choice…for good.

For virtual soul hugs and much more, check out consciousgood.com

Trina Wyatt is Founder and CEO of Conscious Good. Previously in her career, she was the Founding Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, COO of Tribeca Entertainment for 5 years prior, Head of Content for GAIAMTV (now Gaia), and Director for Film Independent where she helped grow the Los Angeles Film Festival. Trina has been the key figure behind significant media transactions including Prana Studios’ acquisition of Rhythm and Hues, Intrepid Pictures’slate expansion, and the successful sale of Withoutabox to IMDb. Trina received her MBA from NYU Stern and is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

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