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Announcing Mindscape Film Festival Tour Dates

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Did you miss the Mindscape Film Festival online? No worries! We got you. A selection of films from the Mindscape Film Festival will tour around the U.S. bringing this amazing program of films literally to a theater near you.

Mindscape Cities & Dates

San Francisco, August 31st

Chicago, September 12th

Washington D.C., September 20th

New York City, September 26th

Myrtle Beach, September 28th

Closing Night, Santa Monica, October 4th

Don’t see your digs on the list?

Host your own screening of Mindscape! By hosting a screening of the Mindscape Film Festival Program, you have the opportunity to help share and spread stories that connect, inspire, and empower your community.

Hosting a screening of the winning festival films is easy: just pick the date, time, and theater where you want to host your screening and our partners at Gathr® will set everything up for you. You don’t have to pay any screening room rental or exhibition fee – all you have to do is help promote the film and get people to reserve tickets!

All the details to learn how to bring the Mindscape Film Festival Program to a theater in your city right here.


Working Together to Change the World

Our fantastic partners all over the country are stepping up to promote the Festival and live events:  Find My Zen in Chicago, Live a Moment in SF and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington D.C. and NYC. Check them out and share the love!

Again, we are pleased to be able to donate 10% of all theatrical ticket sales to NAMI, The Holistic Life Foundation, and the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

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