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The Conscious Good Audience.
More Than a Single Demographic.

We have a growing audience of those active in the pursuit of wellness, representing up to 30 million unique visits to Facebook monthly. Our core visitors are typically female, educated, married and heavily rely on social media—offering a unique opportunity for hyper-targeting and organic lift through sharing.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

True Engagement Through Genuine Partnership.

Matching Producers to their Dream Partners.

Our network and platform offers a range of opportunities to become a part of the Conscious Good community. Our goal is to work with creators, producers, and sponsors to collaborate and tell their best stories. The outcome can then be shared and promoted through a variety of events and methods.

Examples of these Sponsorships include:

The Humanitarian Film Festival
Mindscape Film Festival
Conscious Good Cinema Series
Original Content

We work with content producers to pair them with like-minded advertisers. Please sign up for this exclusive sponsorship program.

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“Our partnership with Intangible Media enabled us to increase our reach, dig deeper, and tell a more meaningful story.”

— Alexander Grayson, Roundabout Films

A Broad Audience and Growing.

Poised for Growing Competition.

The conscious consumer community has grown by more than 400% worldwide within the past two years. Our aim is to inspire, enable, and empower this audience in a meaningful way, providing a platform and means to tell their most impactful stories and reach a broad viewer base.

Conscious consumers are spending.
The “green market” will reach 1.5 trillion by 2020.

Advertising & Sponsorship Programs for every need.

Content Feed Ads

Prominent ad units are featured on our homepage, as well as the appropriate topic feed within our categorized content streams.


Ad Roll in Videos

A short promotional clip can be integrated into a matched segment of content, being played at the end of the embedded video.


Matched Sponsorships

Offering a deeper level of engagement, content producers and sponsors can partner to be included on a co-branded page.


Need more information?
Please feel free to contact us directly.